Family Portraits Can be Fun!

It is summer time! The kids are out of school, the weather is nice and warm or hot in some cases but this is the best time to gather the family for some awesome group photos. 

There are challenges in capturing the perfect photos with a large group and by large, I mean more than 8 people. Let's be honest, for one everyone who showed up may not want to be there but we all Big momma made them get up and get dress. This propose a problem with the energy of the group and we hope that one cousin is not wearing a flat smile in all 10 shots of the group picture. 

Group photos do not have to be boring. These sessions not only allow a keepsake memoir for future generations but these photos bring out the fun, creative, coordinated outfit, matching colors and everyone's individual style. These sessions allow the family to come together really for one cause. Everyone can be themselves be as corky or as serious if they want to because at the end that's what makes a perfect family photo.

Virgeline Roland