Images of Survival

A couple months ago, I was given the opportunity to photograph this young mother. She was celebrating something much more than just a birthday or an anniversary. She was celebrating a regular Saturday evening in February.

Krisiel is a wife and mother of a beautiful baby boy. She is also a recent breast cancer survivor with every reasons to take photos and smile through every picture. If you look closely you will notice the imprint from her tubing which was still attached to her body as she complete her treatments. She was only able to move one of her arms because of a recent surgery but she pushed through our session. We paused several times during the session because she showed signs of fatigue. We had short conversations between those pauses about the appreciation of life and the future. During the last couple snaps of our session she decided to remove her wig! What a way to end our session. She shared with me that she normally do not leave the house without her wig. She is beautiful as is, her features glowed from the glistening sun. 

She had so much to be thankful for and as a photographer it was a humbling experience.  She was such a breath of fresh of air and I appreciated her story, to be in her space and shared a moment of her victory.